Apply conditioner to cleansed and sectioned hair. Try wrapping your head in a warm towel, using a heated head wrap, or putting on a plastic cap and sitting under a hooded dryer. Leave it in for 40 minutes to an hour. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, you can also shampoo out if your hair holds onto oil and butter easily. This product can be used as is, or you can mix it with your favorite conditioner. 

Use on Wash Day

Spritz hair with waterSection and pin hair into 6 twistsApply 1-2 dropper squirts of the Hair Oil into each twist, working your way down the length of your hair per section. With fingertips or massager, starting from the scalp massage for 30 seconds and re-pinCover your head with a plastic capLeave in for a minimum of 30 minutes or leave overnight

Use during the week

Spritz hair with water or Tea RinseWith the oil dropper provided, place 1 – 2 full dropper’s worth of oil into a bowl.Dip your fingers into the bowl then touch your fingertips to the palm of your handThis will cover the inside of your hand with oil and will help you to use the product sparingly.Squeeze the Oil into your hair.First squeeze into your ends then squeeze in oil from the root down the hair shaft, you can leave the oil in your hair.

Tip: Sit under a dryer for 20 mins for added or deeper penetration... Saturate ends of hair to help with split ends. Hair with Low porosity should definitely sit underneath heat to really open up the hair shaft.

Every day: Once a day Apply a dime size of hair butter to scalp, hair, and ends. For best results, spritz the hair with water before using the butter for added moisture. Massage in for 1 minute.

Tip: Use the butter as the cream in your LOC or LCO Method at night or on wash day. LOC Method. Liquid ( Water/Tea, Oil, Cream). If you feel your hair isn't staying moisturized, switch it up. Try the LCO method ( Water/Tea, Cream, Oil) (better for low porosity curls!). Cover your hair with a satin bonnet at night, or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Otherwise, you WILL lose all moisture during the night.

High Porosity Hair: Moisturize every night, also if you are suffering from hair damage or extremely dry hair. Saturate ends of hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil at night to help keep ends of hair moisturized as well.

Low Porosity Hair: Too much butter can clog your hair strands, so don’t overdo it. Also, using heat can better allow the butter and oils to pass through into your hair strands instead of sitting on top. Try to use the baggy method if you do not want to use hot tools.