Limited edition, plant-based beauty products for the product junkie. Explore nature!

Love trying new beauty products? Meet Butta by Belle Bar. We create plant-based, non toxic beauty and wellness products for the beauty enthusiasts. You know, product junkies. lol. We drop new beauty products  and accessories on the regular. Why? Because it’s fun and we like that new new. Beauty is supposed to be exciting and trendy, but it should also be good for you as well. So welcome to our world. Discover new ingredients, new products and new brands. Butta, by Belle Bar; where clean beauty meets discovery.

Our values

  • Accessible - Convenient & Affordable
      • Inclusive and Empowering 
        • Do No Harm - Plant-Based  Forward & Non Toxic
          • Discovery - We are quenching our product junkie thirst by tapping into hundreds of years of plant based beauty knowledge and traditions.