Five Black Beauty Brands We Love

Five Black Beauty Brands We Love
By Alexa Santory


In the vast, ever expanding world of beauty, there has been a huge influx of female owned businesses. It is a female driven market after all. Still though, spaces of inclusivity within the beauty world have been harder to find, and women of color--especially black women--have been left out of the conversation almost entirely….until now. Belle Bar Organic is a black owned, female owned business and in this green beauty market, that’s almost unheard of. But we, and other brands like us, are thriving and fighting to have our voices and messages heard throughout the beauty industry. We recognize the importance of helping our sisters gain exposure. We all work extremely hard to be noticed by a niche that until recently, didn’t even really recognize us. Here are some of our absolute favorite Black owned beauty brands that are blazing trails and breaking barriers in all facets of the beauty industry.

For bonnets and hair protection, we love…

Isoken Enofe

The namesake of this brand, Isoken Enofe, aka GlamByIsoken on YouTube, is a well respected makeup and fashion influencer with over 102k subscribers. Her line of Ankara bonnets are some of the best we’ve come across. Ankara is simply African wax prints, a super common pattern style in West Africa. The colors and patterns of the bonnets are rich and vibrant, and the satin lining keeps your hair safe and protected while you sleep. Women of color know that protecting their hair while they sleep is key to maintaining a style or for just preventing breakage. Isoken created this line of bonnets to maintain a connection to her African roots while also hoping to make each customer feel comfortable, yet regal. We love these bonnets because not only are they gorgeous, but they’re perfectly designed to protect the hair when our satin pillow cases just aren’t available. Isoken sells more than just bonnets, too! Her site also carries clothing, hair accessories, makeup, and jewelry!


For skincare, we love…

Jacq’s Organics

A brand after our own heart with its own incredible story, Jacq’s Organics came to fruition through adversity — CEO and co-founder Barbara Jacques received the news of having an ovarian tumor at the same time she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Because of this, her and her husband teamed up to start formulating non-toxic products that would benefit her body as it went through two major changes. Through these challenges, Jacq’s Organics was born and it has since expanded into a full fledged skin and body care brand that specializes in natural and non-toxic formulations. The product range is amazing — from cleansers to moisturizers and everything in between, Jacq’s Organics takes on the message that self care comes first. Their packaging is recycled and sustainable, they use organic ingredients in all of their products, and everything in hand-crafted here in the US. One of their bestsellers, the revitalizing facial toner, uses ingredients like hibiscus, burdock root, and mint to restore and balance the skin’s pH, tighten the pores, and remove excess oil. Did we mention it’s only $19? If the story behind this brand doesn’t get you on board, perhaps their amazing range of products will!

For hair care and deep conditioners, we love…

Natty Naturals

Another incredible family owned brand that focuses on all-natural, Ayurvedic ingredients in their products. The story of this brand starts the way so many others do — with doctors delivering unfortunate news. They were told there was nothing they could do about their son’s scalp condition. When founder Dominique heard this news, she knew it couldn’t possibly be true and took matters into her own hands.

After tons of research and trial and error, she concocted a special butter to help heal her son’s scalp and after just 2 short months, his condition was completely healed. Modern medicine doesn’t always have all the answers, sometimes you’ve  got to go back to the basics. The brand has continued to grow with a cult following and their product range has expanded beyond the original Natty Butter to a full blown line of all-natural, non-toxic hair and skin care products. Their newest line, The Bohemian Collection, places a much closer focus on holistic methods of living and healing, especially when it comes to taking care of our hair. What we love so much about Natty Naturals is that they get that our hair needs more than just shampoo and conditioner. Although every product is formulated to benefit every hair type, they work some serious magic on our curls. We love the cupuacu butter and rhassoul clay deep conditioner, which is made with other super hair healthy ingredients like hibiscus, neem, nettle, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar.  

As you know, you can pair our mask powders with either a fresh ingredient or deep conditioner of your choice, and since we love Natty Naturals we highly recommend pairing your Belle Bar powder with Natty Naturals deep conditioner for a beautiful match made in natural hair care heaven! Double up on the all natural power and you’ll feel and see a difference in your hair with just a few uses! Every products is formulated without parabens, phthalates, silicon, mineral oil, and all that other synthetic stuff we shouldn’t put near our hair and skin.


For makeup, we love…

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is, in a word, genius. Pat McGrath is a self-made billionaire and the most sought after makeup artist in the world, with women like Anna Wintour and Queen Elizabeth on her side. Pat McGrath is a black woman and she deserves so much credit for what she does. Her high fashion, luxury approach to makeup reminds us why makeup is so much fun in the first place. I still remember seeing Naomi Campbell sitting in the audience of an award show wearing a fire engine red, glittery lipstick and thinking, “WHERE can I get one?!” And although Pat McGrath Labs has yet to come out with a line of foundations, concealers, and other face makeup, we’re sure that when it does, it’ll blow the roof off of everything. For now, the line is focused on eyes, lips, and highlights. McGrath isn’t new to the beauty industry either and has had her hand in developing several major makeup brands (a couple of which are sold at your local drugstore), while also pretty much inventing the dewy skin trend. Pat McGrath Labs brings the glamour back to makeup, and the brand’s creator is an bonafide trailblazer.


For body care, we love


Who loves shea butter?! We do, and this brand uses plenty of it! Beurre is the brainchild of an Ivy League educated lawyer name Shirley J. Menard, who found her true passion in creating and owning her own business. Beurre literally translates to “butter” in French, which is perfect since shea butter is the backbone of every Beurre product. Shea butter is jam packed with vitamins, fats, and minerals that all work together to make your skin look and feel super soft and hydrated. With this in mind, the first Beurre body butter was born. An all natural, super simple approach to body care, Beurre products are excellent for stepping up your lotion game. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill body butter either, there was tons of trial and error put into the process to make it perfect — 5 years to be exact! We love these products because of their simplicity. Every product is made with a blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rice powder, aloe vera, and essential oils (if you want the scented versions!). It’s a return to the basics using wholesome ingredients that only improve your skin with time. Besides, body butters are better anyway!

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